by smealek

It may be difficult to find the motivation or the courage to pursue, and perform something creative. However, once one can leap over this fear, and plunge into the fear itself–for the matter–one will find themselves in a very liberating arena. This new land will possess all of the fearsome possibilities, that for a while ago, the thought was, that it was impossible or just a waste of valuable time–but this valuable time is really spent without any value, and with loiter primarily, or mindless, and unfortunate, labor. 
Free yourself, and be yourself, by assuming that you can mold yourself. It is very easy to mold oneself, when one can believe that they can in fact be molded! This should be taken in every regard! If you want to look more attractive, mold yourself. If you want to be a better musician, mold yourself. If you want to be an actor, mold yourself. 

Take molding very literally, and just assume, and completely believe, that the shell you are, the human you are, is your house that can be redecorated, and you have entire control. Feel, and breathe, this liberating air that you have disregarded–however, which should be reminiscent of your younger years, when your imagination used to be trained, and roamed, oh so, very free. Now you’ve grown stale and boring, please exercise your imagination, and plunge into madness with me, but I assure you this madness will be a good. It will be such a good that one day, you will see the ones who have not yet plunged into madness, and call them caged animals of society–laboriously, like unquestioning swine doing as their whipping master bids. 

Accept all the mad thoughts you think up, and even practice them. Take some chances, and be somebody you thought you couldn’t be–but I do assure you, you can be anybody, even the spitting image of me if you would so desire!