by smealek

I will draw, and I will paint he yelled, as if he were prepared to partake in some artistic endeavor. But once all of the tools were at his disposal, he did not care about the craft anymore. Why, at first, he bothered everyone for these utensils so he can impress upon everyone, his amazing endeavors. However, this is the common man for you! We wish to have tools, and we love to believe we are capable, and can do anything we wish. But once we are presented with everything, we do not take the next step and be our own gods. We take flight, and decide that our voice, and god-like–since we are so unique–talents should not be purely presented. Frankly, there are no mistakes that can be made whatsoever!

What kind of mistake can possible occur that will potentially ruin your life? There is no mistake, and mistakes clearly do not exist if you achieve the proper perspective that we all plainly label as optimism and positivism. Let’s be positive, we are all capable of much more than we would have ourselves believe, but we stand separated instead of united. We need to first remedy each others lonesome, and isolated selves, and become united with friendships and love. When everyone preaches about love, they are in the right, and possess the correct pure eye that we all are in desperate need of. Please share some love today, and tip your next server and barista. Add a smile next time you speak with someone, and never forget to honestly compliment someone throughout your day. When you share, and attune yourself to the little details, and provoke friendliness in yourself,  a seed of friendliness in others will sprout.

We must each plant seeds of friendship, and seeds of love every day. If we do not take the time to be farmers of good, then we are just wasting the day! The day is something we all paint, and create together, and if we can all harmoniously give as much as we can, and this does not have to be money–money has no importance at all, it is an inhibitor of love, it truly is a cancer–we will see that, with a very utilitarian-like approach, the day has improved for most.