by smealek

The cold wind hits our faces, as we wander, sniffling, and at quick pace. This low temperature has made the nose run faster than imaginable, and if one wonders whether this occurs to everyone during the cold, the unfortunate answer is no. During the colder days, it is very common to have the sniffles, and want to catch a warm cocoa to remedy one’s shivers. But the sniffling is an indication of just how much mucous build up one may have, and if the health is optimal then the nose should be dry, and leaking should be minimum.

Cozy up with some friends, and try to avoid dairy as much as possible. The colder seasons are not friends with the white drink the cow’s create. After all, is it not strange that we drink the milk of another species? Do we imagine, wild animals running up to cows, and sucking on their teats for protein and calcium? This is a very strange act, and a strange idea, that we accept dairy as a nutritional good! This does not make sense. Next time, when one desires raw milk, visit a farm, and cozy up with a live cow, and squeeze it for the milk. I guarantee that this foreign drink will become relatively unattractive.

Still, we are highly adaptable, and poisons are common to us, since the beginning of our childhood. But the risks we take, can and should be minimized when possible. So I would advise for this winter, think like a singer. Adopt their mentality, and avoid food that may cause mucous build-up, but do not be afraid to enjoy on occasion.