by smealek

We used to say, very quietly to ourselves, there was a time when I was I. We like to have ourselves believe that somewhere in the past lies the perfect “I” that we have achieved, and will never be able to achieve again. There is a simple cure for this impure thought. To banish such a low thought, the next time this is conceptualized, simply understand that you can build the better self–because there lies in your future, the perfect self that can be achieved, and other selves that are close enough to the perfect self; it is to be understood, the perfect is always unachievable, therefore rely on achieving the one that stands closest to the perfect one.

However, we simply find it hard to believe this thought, because nothing can defeat health and youth. Apparently, youth is always the victor, like when the old model is upstaged by the younger doll–we understand this. This is nature, and this is life, but the old model was once the young, and she has had this experience already, and is now capable of having even more experiences so she has now a bag of even more gold! These are truly golden memories.

Health can be a serious issue as well, but there is always an escape for the soul, and the human. There are no boundaries for us, and you do not necessarily have to live in the material world. There are many virtual escapes that you can join, such as the cyberspace, escape in dreams, enjoy the highs, and present yourself in the arts. When all else fails, end it all for yourself, and this will be progressive achievement in a very maddening sense, as well.