by smealek

I sit there anxiously, and with unusual patience, looking out the window of my bus going express. I am completely unsure about all the decisions I have made thus far, life still has not delivered me a straightforward path, and I am uncomfortably unsafe. What does my life amount to when everyone questions what I am, what I will be, and who I should be. Everyone believes they know what is right; everyone believes you must follow the typical path, and only conventional methods are to be rewarded and valued.

These are the naysayers that will later be forgotten, because of their lack of original contribution to society. These are the naysayers, that are afraid to take the bigger risks, and attempt to change the world we live in to make it a more aesthetically pleasing place! I am by no means belittling these people, or even discrediting their services, because all contributions have their value in their own right! However, we have a clear lack of innovation in the much more pleasant sense. There should be a call to arms, all artists should unite, and hopefully with a collaborative vision, deliver something more than parks to neighborhoods! We need something more than just museums; we need live-art, and it needs to roam all life, to make a passing, unfortunate guy suddenly wield a smile. This would be a free joy.

And this should not be done at the cost of trees, greens, parks or museums, but it should be an additional free gift to us the people, by us the specific persons–because it must not be litter or wasted garb, or bad art. Secondly, it should be delivered organically, and with self-maintainance, and it must be easily recyclable and replaced when new material is possible. To be sure, this would make life a better place.