by smealek

I found inspiration lurking in my cup of tea. Looking down into the depths of the peppermint infused brew, a certain atmosphere has been fulfilled. The following events take place: my olfactory senses opened, a calming aroma established, and my mood improved. The breaths could not have come any slower, and in such hearty doses. This simple activity has become so much more; the event taking place had all of my presence.

If one can take the time to focus all of their energy, every activity will have a beautiful inspiration treasured within it. Take everything you do much more seriously, but do not forget to treat every moment like a baby–with open mindedness, and playfulness. When you tie your shoes the next time, bend down carefully, and give it your all. When you play at the laces, and who knows, there will be a moment sparking with creativity, be aware of it–we have found inspiration.

From these little moments, big and fascinating ideas will be realized. It is harder to understand the beauty when you play with too big of a moment or event, because of the too many little events occurring! Focus on the finer, more intrinsic details, and within them you’ll find a breath of beautiful creativity, and inspiration.