by smealek

Modification and alteration are very interesting themes that we delve into on the daily. There are days, when full of anxiety, we feel we are not ourselves, or are total strangers. Actually this practice of self-questioning is not dangerous to our self-stability, but in fact, it is a very empowering practice. We are all well-trained actors, and we mold, take cues, and create our own characters. Fear of losing oneself is just a fear of acquiring–not becoming–a new character.

Hence, we all should accept and gather as many characters into our library of personalities, and people we have become. For the next bad day encountered, just think, I have acquired a new character, and this foreign feeling is just a fantastic growth; and this simple unfortunate feeling, has just become progressive! Simply, this is a closer examination of being optimistic, and simply seeing the positive and good in everything.

The enchanting idea, however, is the brilliance of how we are all magnificent actors. We can all become something else, and fool ourselves into believing this is not the self–hence, I declare we are outstanding actors. But once we are aware, that we are just fooling ourselves, on these days when we do not feel ourselves, we are enlightened with knowing just how manipulative we truly are.