by smealek

The artist is naked; he asks for money, because he lives on making material not keeping it. This is a very zen like approach, where one takes less than they give. The premises are simple, clear cut for the matter, the only reason the artist takes is so they can give back more. Therefore, in secret, everyone envies and appreciates the artist, and when a neighborhood is infested with artists, a sudden surge of investors will be found.

The only thing that makes a populated place even more populated is its charm. And where does this charm come from, but the giving-artist. With even the slightest contribution to their community, the neighborhood is styled and tailored. When a neighborhood is tasteless, the visitors, passersby feel this energy, and give less care to where they are–slowly, the flavorless locations will decay.

This is the importance, and weight, that all artists bear, whether they are aware of it or not. Help support the arts, and even practice them. They deliver life so much pure wonders–it is admiring.