by smealek

Chess is an exquisite game that requires the mind to be multiple steps ahead. It is a great strain for the thoughts to race ahead of the opposing player. With this kind of exercise, a person builds up a very admirable, useful trait! Life is very similar to a game of chess, since you need to thoroughly envision your current position. 

Living in the moment, making moves in the present, yet thinking progressively is how the game has to be played. To be sure, we all live life thinking similarly: about the future, how great it will be and how we will shape it. But then, we forget the present. The best approach–the smartest–would be to utilize the present with the future, and past. The past is used to understand the mistakes that have been made to reach the current position and state!

Upon watching the documentary, “Brooklyn Castle”, one will see how young, beautiful minds are bred. Chess opens new opportunities for the mind–just how yoga bends and meditates the soul and body. Be a couple of moves ahead, and if not for that, exercise the process of thinking in steps, not leaps!