by smealek

Approach every day with simplicity, and enthusiasm. Let yourself be excited, like a little child at play, and wonder how to impress your friends. If there is a lack of friends, make sure every acquaintance, and interaction, is met with so much care. Take the time to come up with witty lines, spoil the next person you meet with a good gesture, and try to make them smile. Be inspired to inspire others, and put all the effort into creating memorable interactions.

Why, this is another giving joy of life. If we give, I guarantee we will receive. If we treat each other–even out of selfish motives, such as only giving in return for receiving–the world, and your world, will brighten. The care in these actions, although nauseating to some, and pose an awful lot questioning, will only deliver good results! This is certain.

Let us all try to please each other, and we will receive our very own unique pleasure. May it be altruistic motives, or not, it certainly does not matter, since the resulting outcome has everyone applauding. We cheer each other on, and we are more than capable of single-handedly making impressive changes. Be brave, and be friendly, engage with the upcoming acquaintance with the warmest embrace capable.