by smealek

Celebrities have everything; life is not fair; they have it so easy; if only we were all celebrities, life would not be a pain–is this not the common thought that runs wild in our head? However, is it even possible to imagine or picture a being with a perfect effortless life? No. Even the toddler has his troubles, for instance: now suppose his candy is robbed, this priceless necessity to the child inflicts as much suffering as the grown man who can not come up with enough money to pay off his debt. Yes, it is true, that at first glance, one seems more dire than the other, and immediately more important. But when we put everything into proper perspective, it is like an equal ratio: one just has bigger numbers than the other, but 1:1 is 7:7.

If such an easy life existed, this life would ultimately be so foreign. Immediately this life, this person, would be unidentifiable, because there will be a lacking trait of what makes the typical citizen, the typical citizen of society. Upon examination, even the slightest smile a person creates can be viewed as a rewarding moment, and it is hard to fathom a person constantly hanging out with this one emotion of effortless happiness. Celebrities, and the rich, which we all target, are no happier or unfortunate than the poor or hungry. Of course, the thought of comparing the rich to the hungry may be maddening, at first glance, but with each position the same capacity for love, happiness, and sadness exists.

The hungry may lack resources, but the sun, beautiful weather, and their finally found meal may amount to more happiness than the rich would ever deem possible. And such in this case, and drawing such examples, there is only room to believe that we are all one and the same. We all have ups and downs, and a ton of experiences, but it is impossible to amount one being as a higher life capacity than another.