by smealek

When talking design, less is more may be the most important guideline. Good design relies on removing the clutter so the creation introduced is not just litter, and rubbish. If the first rule is well applied, the produced good will serve humanity. It is best for the design invented to fulfill its role; it is best when there is no confusion to the part it domestically and externally holds. The creation should speak unconsciously to the user, and hold no secret to how it is utilized–it is simple, logical, and, most importantly, useful.

Without questioning, the creation should make sense to the consumer, and be naturally obvious: like a chair is for sitting, a cup is for containing liquid, a closet is for storing, and such other designs which feel practically impossible to replace. Good design should have life, and feel timeless.

The interesting thing however is the application of less is more to life itself. Applying such a standard to the motions, and decisions of one’s life will yield such satisfying enlightenment. This extract of triumph comes from the restraint of receiving, not stuffing oneself like a pig, which in good turn delivers a yearning to want more from life. This is how one acquires the secret thirst for existence; this is how one rhythms the soul with the perfect tempo. Never overflow the glass with water, find the ideal medium, and mindfully practice treasuring it day-to-day. Truly, this is the ultimate fulfillment of oneself.