by smealek

He would always spend time worrying about others, and being kind. His day revolved around checking his contacts, making sure their day was splendid, and fine. Oh, but he spent so much time being anxious for lovers; attempting to live in their shoes for their troubles. If only he could focus this energy on himself, he would receive some love as well. This obsessive act, he believed was healthy; this obsessive act, he was certain would help him. However, this focus on others brought him less fortune than expected.

Self-love is very important, and we should take the time to water ourselves before we water our friends. How can we dehydrate ourselves to a sickening state, and continue to help others grow–unfortunately, this is like jumping on a grenade to save companions, when the explosive could have been chucked safely away. Although the act is very admirable, it will soon be forgotten. No one cares. Yes, there will be a short lived memory of the hero, but after awhile, unfortunately, people forget.

Immediate focus should be set on oneself. Be kind, healthy, and make sure all your parts are optimally nurtured. Focusing on the self is much harder than finding an external output, for this reason we focus on others–whether they are celebrities or envied friends, and lovers. This is our survival guide: we can all be beautiful spirits if we can find the courage to possess ourselves. Let us grow individually, and give when we know we can–and then, we will receive water from someone else as well.