by smealek

It is interesting how you speak of fashion: like you’ve known her, and pleasured her so opportunely. It is mesmerizing, how surely, you are capable of saying, this is trending. Is it not ever changing the article you speak of, and does it not seem cyclical for the matter–fashion is change; fashion, the universal language. Do we believe in designers, or is there more to the concept of fashion–there has to be some other rationale, some theory to it.

Like the finest materials, details of a piece that envision the future, fashion strives to web the past and future into the present. When the visionary achieves this absurd, tormenting trial, and delivers something so incomprehensible, comprehensibly–like the instance of fine, abstract art–the visionary becomes the genius. The genius then is recognized, and finally labeled a true visionary–a most notable achievement!

This can only be attained with a meticulous eye for all detail, reaching out beyond the realm of clothing. Once this is all accounted for, and the concept is materialized, then the consumer must come eye to eye with the creator. And when the consumer admits the design as brilliant, then it becomes what is known as a trend.