by smealek

He walks the land as if a foreigner: taking everything as if anew. The day does seem to lurk with all sorts of splendor! He continues to ponder to himself, until he passionately exclaims, “I have new virtues which I must share”. “These days lying ahead are, in fact, my fortune, and for this day I am fortunate, as well.” with gleam he thinks to himself. “For I have met a virtuous man, and I will proceed to imitate him the best I can.”

This man proceeds to note the positive characteristics he finds in others, and addresses them with thought and care. Upon thorough examination, when he assumes a trait to be well bred, and admiralbe, he adds it to his own character. Keeping an open mind, and a relaxed state, he is able to view the good within man. When he establishes a true good nature, he collects it, and becomes the richer man.

There should be no reliance on materialistic ends to achieve one’s brilliance. The true gift is stolen, or politely borrowed from others. This gift is the taking of good virtues, which will definitively further one’s ends. All artists steal, we know this well, and to steal and apply a good virtue to oneself is the survival of good men.