by smealek

She looked upon herself, and said, “I am an ugly, fat creature that roams eager. I look for sweets, and grow bigger. I am just a little–well–, old-fashioned, and find joy in abundance. However, this abundance does not reciprocate. It makes me ugly!”. She continued with her thoughts, which continued tormenting her, “I find it unfair: these skinny, little bitches, who deprive themselves the delights life offers; who lack adventure, and childhood imagination, and are rewarded and displayed on the biggest billboards in city squares.”

This typical remark poor, young girls make is the unfortunate focus and standard society has established. These standards–young, skinny, blonde, tall and proportionate (the typical manifestation)–are the lacking creativity of advertising agencies. Their belief is sticking with the tried and true–playing it safe, and marketing the old-fashioned way. The lack of creativity is clearly evident. This lack of creativity, unfortunately, drives the economy, and motivates girls into self-investment, at an early age. 

Now our young girls, after spending money on food, must purge themselves, exercise and buy beauty products. Unlike men, there is an additional focus and cost applied to their beauty-product escapades. The unusual standard of these toxic applications–creams, lipstick and make-up–is beyond absurd. This is by far the most ingenious marketing tactic, and an unfortunate scam we uphold.