by smealek

We wake up with wild speculation; we need to remember those days of childlike exploration. When we were just little ones, the day was a voyage of visual enjoyments. Without hesitation, we mounted our bicycles–wearing our rucksacks filled to the brim with our toys and tools concealed–and cycled away to destinations needing our expertise. Upon our timely arrival, dropping our two wheeled contraption,–marked to the brim with ferocious personalization–we scurried to open our bags of gadgets. This site, the playground littered with like-minded explorers, required our contributions of youthful creativity. 

These days we were united with our views. If one of us to another said to join the marvelous, imaginary worlds we inhabited, without doubtfulness we partnered up–and clearly saw, and understood the other’s imaginary world and rules. What fruitful partnerships we formed, and how assuredly we explored. It was not innocence that helped us see see so clearly! It was the surprising willingness, and ability to accept all for what it was. We had blank slates written all over our thoughts, and we provoked the truest receiving of what was offered. If we were unable to critique, we certainly were able to perceive everything in all of its glory. 

We still have time! Even after becoming learnt, misguided, and envisioned characters, we still have time to reshape who we are. Even though it may seem inconceivable to unlearn, and counterintuitive–as in moving backwards–to lose all the skills we have obtained, there is another option: to simply store the lifetime collection of gathered information in our very own hidden boxes. Now, journey on as a pure explorer, and share all the necessary findings with similar, awakened kin–and remedy otters who are cast under poisonous spells.