by smealek

He was wondering about the system, and came to a quick realization: is it not the case, that the cyber identity of a person is more monitored than the documents that define someone in the physical world. This is a wondrous yet scary, non-fictitious certainty! The true nature of this database ( a collection of identification information) is in fact a disorganized mess–like a massive library of books. Simple-minded receptionists, and workers, assess the validity of people, and proceed with their basic understandings to define and categorize the person being filed. There is no official or concrete organization–think about how doctors have a hard time assessing an individuals current health, and asking for a more up to date assessment. Plainly, the fault in this old age method of identification is the lack of up to date, push notified recognition–it is too slow, and cannot keep up with the appearance and identity of a citizen. If one is clever, then it is guaranteed they cam smooth talk their needs; they can simply manipulate the old age system.

However, the case with the newly come cyber age is a different beast–we need to equip ourselves properly to face this animal. The cyber age stores all the photographs, jobs, relationships and financial statuses we have accumulated. Beware, because now this collection is more informative and concrete, and with time, it will only become more personalized, and provide a better description of the person searched upon. Now, this is not something smooth talking will be able to fix. This can be a real problem in the near future.

There is a way to handle this dire, upcoming situation. We will need to prepare for the following with gaining immense knowledge of the cyber world itself. Yes, we will all have to become literate with the languages of the internet. Yes, we will have a very important universal language: C, C++, HTML5, Java, CSS, and anything else that surfaces. If we do not take the time, and begin investing in these languages, we will be left man-handled by the authority! We must be able to manage a simple hack if need be. This is something we should all take into consideration, and prepare for accordingly.