by smealek

The day gets much brighter, and younger when we take the time to smile. If we can put on such a cherished expression everyday, and genuinely for the matter, the gloominess of the day is lifted for each and others. The trick to achieving this feat is quite simple, indeed. It is a matter of looking in the mirror, reflecting on the appearance, and mustering the courage to lift the lips upwards, and make the cheeks glow with honest fervor. Provided this is done correctly, the mentality will receive clarity and instantly yield supreme positivity–accepting the optimism!

Optimism should be cherished. This is the tool that is utilized to perform the unique, individual labor with love, and much needed care. In turn, the performance that is driven with optimism will instantly have a different feel; the work that will be done well in turn will be loved by all, because the positive energy will be felt to be sure. Typically, every day may feel smug, and it is easier to be negative, because it is not a struggle–it is giving up.

Find the beauty within each little detail: perhaps, the morning sun is the new love; the chirping birds are the cheering audience; the floating dead leaves are the color of the day; and the water is the supreme nourishment and perfect gift of all. Let us not forget, everything still has its beauty–the only problem is the haziness of truth that age can unfortunately present. In fact, there is no need to fear age! Age is the beauty of all the hard work, endeavors, and quality that has been derived. The beauty, in a proper perspective, is here to stay!