by smealek

Badger him yell at him tell him wrong wrong wrong, and everything is wrong! Criminal you’re useless why do you , you piece of ****. I hate you, you are a piece of China. You are a small thin MAN! Gain pounds. Never loved you. Love is pointless to me, it does not give me anything. Think clearer think not so spiral what are you doing to yourself. I am a wild animal–risk it. Risky, I like risk, but I hate when the gamble is lost. Why, losing hurts. I lose, she calls me good for nothing. They call me good for nothing. But I endeavor, I progress, I see creativity in the struggle! Brilliance. Do not hurt me. Even in this scary hole, CLIMBING OUT! CLIMBING OUT! All naysayers IGNORE YOU IGNORE YOU IGNORE YOU!!! Speak easy dingy twat twat twat twat. Expelling anger go to buddah land. Go shine with the tree of wisdom Scum. Scum you naysayers scum, she and all love scum genius prevails genius prevails genius… Alone isolated. Calmness. Finding serenity. STOP IT. Go ahead, we all go ahead. You. I feel you very close.