by smealek

With the optimistic perspective in mind–Child–this is the ultimate showmanship of never ending love. Because she, she is this nurturing love; she has opened the gates of freedom running! Here is the gifting of her new space: roam free with wild creativity, children; roam free to express without holding back! The open gate will progress the journey. 

The journey continues, and do not mind anymore the unknown territory. The unknown territory is a new level reached–reach it, and permit these higher heights! Be the buddha; be all, and be just one, and then none–nothing. It is a good to accept all, and to never judge. However, judgement should be used for molding and design, and to open up thought. Simply, judgement should be used materialistically not to personally attack others. 

Equip yourself with nothing, and this will be freedom. Requiring nothing means you have everything! To have everything is one’s own creation. Create.