by smealek

Undress her until she is bouncing: like the daddy who held her when she wasn’t a little tool to play with. Look at those happy, little developments of hers, juggle, and juggling unashamedly–but they never have… All across your face–how many have you seen already? After a while is it old; is it new–fucking breasts again. Do not disturb the erect, you, that wants to well up inside, and bloody up, and engorge all of the resentment pent up inside. Do you feel big? Does she feel small to you? Did you know she’s handled bigger, and much smaller. No fear. Hear that music chime in–that is your pride–and so, now ready yourself, and mount. Or, perhaps, let her mount. It is going to be a good ride–you better last. Do not give up on me. You are weak, suddenly after a few, you grow a new set of… Sweating. Be ready to enter. Enter! A land of pleasure, but my friend, make sure her cram comes–oh how it comes–well, before yours.